Xcellable offers continuing education programs for fire, EMS and law enforcement personnel through our Learning Management System, Curriculo. Each program is held to rigorous educational standards for development and delivered by qualified, experienced instructors who are available for you to interact with as you progress through a program.

Who determines what programs we offer? You do. As part of each program, you will be presented with a survey to complete. We use this survey data to tell us what improvements we need to make in our programs and what new programs we need to develop. 

Offer Your Programs Online

Curriculo is our LMS platform built upon one of the most powerful and trusted LMS software packages on the market, Moodle. It facilitates efficient and flexible eLearning solutions, certification and content organization for emergency responders. We’ve got a powerful, flexible and feature-packed Learning Management System, and we’re only using a small portion of it. We’re offering it to all instructors who teach emergency responders. You can use our LMS to deliver online content to your students. We offer restricted enrollment options to allow only a pre-determined list of students to access your program as well as content delivery features like embedded videos, interactive lessons, file downloads, discussion forums, live chat rooms, attendance tracker, meeting schedulers, quizzes, feedback tools and much more! This is a perfect option for agencies on a limited training budget that need to be able to deliver consistent, reliable programs.

Shortcut: Typing www.curriculo.us in your browser’s address bar will take you directly to the Curriculo LMS.

What Others Are Saying

…easy to use. Layout is great, keeps up with objectives completed, messaging system is nice to have” – Samantha, Paramedic

…easy to navigate.” – Brian, Paramedic

…easy to use.” – Joseph, Paramedic